Witmer Furniture

200 S 11th St, Abbotsford, WI, 54405
(715) 223-6622


Since 1981, Family owned Witmer Furniture has been building solid wood furniture in Central Wisconsin. The Schlinkmann Family has built Witmer into a nationally recognized furniture manufacturer by relying on three basic principles:

Above everything else, always build a quality product that you can be proud of.
Make your product affordable.
Build your product in the USA.

As a three time nominee for Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year, Witmer has maintained these principles for over 35 years. Operating in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Abbotsford, Wisconsin, our products are on display at over 100 Retail Furniture Outlets throughout the United States. In addition, Witmer builds product for commercial projects, libraries, assisted living centers and much more.


As the leading supplier of solid wood furniture in the United States, Witmer uses only the finest materials to construct furniture the way it should be built. By using the highest grades of lumber and the best hardware available, you are guaranteed a quality piece of furniture. Witmer does not waver from their philosophy of building quality furniture made from high end materials. When a design calls for other than solid wood, or glued up wood panels, only matching plywood is used.

Witmer goes to great lengths to ensure the continued quality of your product. Incoming lumber is tested for moisture content to prevent against warping from wood too wet, and splitting from wood too dry. All solid wood panels are hand sorted and assembled to be aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, English Dovetail Drawers are used with full extension drawer glides. Each pieces is finished with a multi-step finishing process with the final protective finish being a catalyzed lacquer finish. This is an extremely durable and protective finish which is resistant to scratching, moisture and UV light for example.


While each individual piece of furniture manufactured by Witmer is bench built, we utilize state of the art Saw Optimizing Technology and CNC Machining Centers to provide the highest quality parts to our builders. Witmer does not build a single piece for stock, rather each piece of furniture is built to order.