Wisconsin Wholesale Ginseng

PO Box 581, Marathon, WI, 54448
(715) 573-7100

About Wisocnsin Wholesale Ginseng

he Ginseng & Herb Cooperative works diligently to select high quality companies to distribute genuine Wisconsin Ginseng.

The following companies are the only distributors for genuine Wisconsin Ginseng and have the right to use the Wisconsin Ginseng Seal.


Hu Qing Yu Tang (HQYT). The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin proudly announces the first non-exclusive distributor in China for 2016.


Juien Guien Trading Company, LTD. was selected as the sole distributor for Wisconsin Ginseng for Taiwan. This company has an island wide distribution network and long experience in dealing with Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Prince of Peace Enterprises - In the U.S., Prince of Peace is a very popular brand of American ginseng sold in Asian markets throughout the U.S.

Great Neck Healthy Food Company - Concentrating its sales on the east coast of the U.S., Great Neck Healthy Food Company is very particular about the type of ginseng it sells.


Deka Joint Stock Company - Supplying Authentic Wisconsin Ginseng to Ho Chi Minh City.


2 Oceans Wellness - Was selected as our sole distributor for Singapore and Malaysia. They are selling certified Wisconsin Ginseng "World Known" Wisconsin grown.