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All of the details for the November 22, 2008 test session are in place. The test as well as all practice ice will be at the Greenheck facility.  Andrew Beck will be the dance partner. Test forms will be available soon.  Please note: new on the test forms will be a request for information regarding your coach.  This information has now become a requirement of the United States Figure Skating Association, to assure that the coach has completed all of the steps necessary to be qualified to coach you during your test session.

Learn to Skate - Basic Skills

It all starts here

The USFSA's Basic Skills Program is specifically designed to help young skaters of all levels advance their proficiency on the ice by acquiring the necessary skills to pursue their goals in the sport.  Whether recreational or with aspirations of becoming a top notch figure skater or hockey player.  It all starts here with the necessary Basic Skills that will be taught in both a fun and educational manner under the guidance of the TFSC's Skating Director.  Our instructors will provide an environment where youngsters are encouraged to progress on an individual basis.  Ice skating holds the essential elements for boys and girls to acquire self esteem, confidence, physical and mental development, a sense of dedications and determination, but most important, lasting friendships.

Our staff of highly qualified professionals and volunteers make it their goal to not just 'teach' the elements of ice skating, but to go that extra step in encouraging each and every participant to enjoy the learning process.

Survival Guide

Registration is easy!  Simply fill out an application.  They are in the forms section on this website or at Greenheck Field house and Marathon Park.  Check the sessions you wish to skate, and calculate your fees.  Be sure to complete the waiver and permission form on the reverse side of the form.  A parent or guardian signature is required for all skater under the age of 18.