Thorson Painting

1850 136th Avenue, Marathon, WI, 54448
(715) 675-9919

About Thorson Painting

For 25 years, Thorson Painting Incorporated has offered its customers a business experience like no other. 
Our services include: 
• Residential Design:
-our designers utilize Computer-Aided Design and 3D Imaging programs to help make your home or office into what you’ve always dreamt it to be 
• General Construction: 
-from start to finish, we’re able to manage and perform the entire construction process of your project
• Business Consultation: 
-our company has achieved success because we understand the fundamentals of starting and running your own business, let us help you make yours the best that it can be 
Thorson Painting Incorporated is your unique partner for your next endeavor whether it’s creating ideas for your new home or office project, putting those ideas into action, or helping your business reach greater heights. 
Whatever your goals are, our highly motivated and friendly staff are ready to stand by you to help get them done.