3001 Rib Mountain Drive, Wausau, WI, 54401
(715) 204-9119

Sprinter is proud to offer the following Sales and Services:

We are your Computer and Cellular Repair Specialists

Computers -- Laptops, desktops, Netbooks, Servers, HTPC's

Cell Phones -- Screens, Jacks, Water Damage Software

Networking-- Wireless, Wired (Including Cabling)

Network Hardware-- Switches, Routers, NAS, and more

Digital Signage (LCD tv's as menu boards, seen in wal-mart)

Security Solutions-- Cameras-Wired/wireless, hidden Software

POS (Point of Sale)

Printers - Laser/Inkjet - Full service diagnostics/Repair

Audio Systems

Cabling-- CatX, RGx, POTS, A/V Telephony A/V Systems

Hardware Upgrades~Virus Removal~Backup-- all in-shop

Data Destruction