Riverview Construction

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About Riverview Construction


During our half century in the environmental and construction industry, we have become known for our ability to provide efficient solutions to the wide-ranging environmental challenges of our customers. Our achievements have led to a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, while being recognized for maintaining high safety and accident prevention standards. Having worked on over 2,000 projects estimated at over $200 million in revenue, River View Construction Inc. possesses the financial stability and project experience to meet our customer’s needs.

Our mission is to be the company of choice for customers and employees among environmental and construction companies by offering safe, competitive, and sustainable growth solutions.

As an environmental contractor we always look for new ways to execute our work faster, safer and better. And in such a way that manifests lower costs to our clients with minimal impact to the environment. River View Construction applies a measured, integrated approach, which includes health, safety, and environmental considerations which result in achieving optimal social, innovative, environmental, and economic benefits for our customer.