Quality Wood Products

N2183 Pier St, Merrill, WI, 54452
(715) 536-5287

When you use the word ‘quality’ in your name, you are making a bold statement; one which Quality Wood Products, of Merrill, has been proving since their 1986 inception.

Starting out as a cabinet manufacturer under the ownership of Leonard Wanless; the company was purchased by Dor Harris and Mike Pagel in 1990. Harris and Pagel expanded the business into one of the leading manufacturers of wood gift packaging for use by corporate gift companies. Duwaine Krautkramer joined them in the business in 2002. In addition to gift boxes, wine boxes, golf ball dispensers, and cutting boards, Quality Wood Products also manufactures interior moulding, stair components and tongue-and-groove paneling; and are also a distributor of solid wood, interior and exterior doors.

Quality Wood Products employs 8 people, but also contributes to the local economy by using wood from local sources whenever possible. Quality Wood Products purchases 100% of the basswood, aspen, red oak and maple from Wisconsin lumber mills. Products are sold either finished or unfinished and when finishing is required, Quality Wood partners with a local finisher.

Harris and Pagel’s interests in maintaining their company’s reputation of quality are personal and vested; as not only are they owners, but both also work on the manufacturing floor.

When asked how they are able to remain competitive in today’s global economy, where out-sourcing has become the norm, Harris did not hesitate to reply, “Quality.”

Although the tough economy has caused production to slow, Harris and Pagel remain committed to quality by remaining current with technology, moving forward on increasing their internet presence and continuing to look for new and innovate ways to reinvent themselves. Over the years, some product distributors have sent their business overseas seeking lower production costs; however, Quality Wood Products have seen clients return because they did not receive the consistent quality required for their high-end clients.

In the last several years, an emerging trend of distributors specifically seeking out U.S. manufacturers has been good for Quality Wood, and all U.S. manufacturers. Quality Wood Products, Inc. is located at N2183 Pier St., Merrill. They can be reached by phone at 715-536-5287 or on the web at letusbuildyourboxes.com