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Pro-Life Wisconsin

Founded on Principle

In 1992, almost 20 years after Roe v. Wade, a new statewide pro-life organization was formed in Wisconsin.  The vision for this new organization - to achieve total protection for all preborn children in Wisconsin - was shared by dedicated and seasoned pro-lifers who realized the pro-life movement needed to re-focus on principle.

Pro-Life Wisconsin is that organization

Today, Pro-Life Wisconsin has grown to become a powerful statewide voice for the total protection message, as well as an agent of cultural renewal in Wisconsin.  With local county affiliates throughout the state, and a legislative team advocating at the State Capitol, we are the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Based in Brookfield, Pro-Life Wisconsin represents more than 30.000 families across the state.  We are here to serve pro-lifers like YOU!

Join the effort to protect the personhood of ALL human beings today!  Call our state office toll-free at (877) 463-7945 or visit our Web site  Also, available is your Marathon County affiliate at (715) 842-5368 or email ID [email protected]

Pro-Life Wisconsin is affilated with American Life League based in Stafford, Virginia (540) 659-4171  The president, Judie Brown has to say:  "Pro-Life Wisconsin has consistently defended our preborn brothers and sisters without exception, compromise or apology!  It is an honor to support their renewed efforts to focus attention on the truth: every preborn citizen is a person!"

The Total Protection Message

Working to end all abortion

Ending abortion - all abortion - is the ultimate goal of the pro-life movement.  Reaching that goal has been elusive, particularly in the legislative realm.  Politics by nature involves "the art of compromise", but what exactly can we as pro-lifers compromise without giving up the fundamental principles of our movement?

If we can't  save all the babies, shouldn't we work to save the ones we can?

Some pro-lifers argue we have to be "political realists".  They argue that exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother are necessary to pass pro-life laws.

There are many ways in which pro-lifers can further a pro-life agenda incrementally, but we can never compromise the life of a single baby by explicitly sanctioning his or her destruction.  To do so would undermine the very foundation of the pro-life movement.

What is Total Protection?

Acheiving total protection means legislatively prohibiting the killing of preborn children - at any stage of development, for any reasons.  Achieving total protection means all preborn children are equally protected under law without discrimination - a condition called "personhood".

What it Really Means to be Pro-Life

Ultimately, it's pro-lifers themselves who set the standard for what it means to be "pro-life".  As more elected officials claim to be pro-life, and then fail to stand for each and every one of our preborn brothers and sisters, the term "pro-life" becomes ambigious.  Meanwhile, the "pro-choice" leaders never show a willingness to compromise.  "Pro-choice" means unequivocal support of abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy