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Store Services

Fluid & Battery Recycling

What should you do with the old fluids and batteries from your vehicle? Bring them into your local O'Reilly store and we will take care of all the recycling. Most of our locations are equipped to accept these fluids at no charge. Some restrictions apply.

Battery Testing

Extreme temperatures in both winter and summer play a large part in battery failures. Bring your battery into any O'Reilly store for a complete diagnostic check at no charge. We can determine if your battery is about to fail and get you up and going again with one of our Super Start Batteries. If you battery does happen to be bad, we can recycle your old battery at no charge.

Electrical & Module Testing

Your vehicle depends on both your starter for cranking the engine over and the alternator for keeping a charge in the electrical system. If you are having trouble keeping a charge in your electrical system, we can test your alternator, on or off the vehicle, to determine where you may have a problem. Should you have trouble with your starter we can also test it in any of our locations.
Nearly all newer (1995 and above) vehicles are equipped with a small computer called an Ignition Control Module. These computers are located in very tight spaces that experience an exceptional amount of heat, which may cause failure at some point. If you should need this tested, any one of our locations can determine whether or not it's operating correctly.

Loaner Tool Program

Many vehicle repairs require specialty tools that will only be used once. That's why we have a loaner tool program available at all O'Reilly locations. The tool offering is broad enough to cover just about any job. The loaner tool program does require a deposit, which is fully refundable once the tool is returned.

Drum / Rotor Resurfacing

Most locations will turn your vehicle's drums or rotors while you wait. We have trained team members in our stores that can resurface these high-wear items so your new brakes will work like they are meant to. This service should always be part of a complete brake job.

Machine Shop

If you are into building your own engine, or if your repair shop needs to have something machined on your behalf, then one of our specialized machine shops can assist you. These shops have the ability to refurbish crankshafts, cylinder heads, blocks, etc. with only a few days turnaround time in the shop's general vicinity. These are only a few of the services offered. One of our specialists at the machine shops can answer additional questions regarding shop services.

Professional Paint Shop & Mixing

We are a full-line automotive, custom, fleet and industrial paint supplier and our huge inventory of auto body supplies, tools, & collision repair equipment is second to none. You will find that O'Reilly stocks industry leading products such as 3M, Evercoat, Hutchins, Nason, Sata and many other quality lines. With locations in your area, trained professionals, and service that will not be beat, O'Reilly Auto Color can be your First Call for all your auto body needs.

Custom Hydraulic Hoses

When a hydraulic hose breaks, every minute counts. On revenue producing equipment, you can count on O'Reilly Auto Parts to make a quality Gates hose to get you back to work as quickly as possible. Whether you have a hay bailer or a forklift, O'Reilly has hoses and fittings to fill most any need you may have. Custom-made hydraulic hoses can currently be made at participating locations.