New Life Pet Adoption Center

125 Cattail Avenue, Marathon, WI, 54448
(715) 443-6699

No-Kill Animal Shelter

No-Kill Animal Shelter

New Life Pet Adoption Center, Inc. is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The center was formed as a No-Kill center in 2000 for the purpose of placing more adoptable companion animals into loving and caring homes; educating the public and municipal governments about the overpopulation problem with emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering and to provide a place of safety and the humane treatment of companion animals while awaiting adoption.

As a No-Kill center, New Life Pet Adoption Center will provide a place where the public can surrender their family pets without the fear that they will be euthanized just for the sake of making space available. Specializing in adoptions affords narrow its focus and spends all its efforts on placing animals in a proper environment.

New Life Pet Adoption Center is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of community leaders, business professionals, veterinarians, and interested individuals.