Midwest Acupuncture & PainTreatment Center

3000 Emery Dr Hwy K, Wausau, WI, 54401
(715) 675-6771

MPTC began in 1989 and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with a wide variety of health concerns and conditions. Our practice is grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest form of healing in the world. Due to its wide range of applications and variety of techniques, TCM can treat almost any health condition. Chinese Medicine is a complete form of health care that requires years of training. Each practitioner at MPTC has over eight years of schooling and is fully trained in Western and Chinese herbs. We have taught TCM techniques nationally to other practitioners, and have co-authored a manual on the use of lasers.

Because of our expertise, many practitioners use MPTC as a resource for advice and treatment strategies. MPTC has grown to become the most advanced acupuncture and TCM clinic in the state with the largest herbal pharmacy in the Midwest , and our successes have been documented in newspapers and on television and radio across the country.

All MPTC practitioners are licensed by the State of Wisconsin to practice acupuncture, and have passed the National Acupuncture Board Exam. We continue to take and teach courses on a regular basis. The practitioners at MPTC have been involved at the state level and nationally in Oriental medicine associations, participating on committees and holding board positions.

When you come to MPTC, you get a team of natural health care providers working on your condition. We consult together weekly to go over cases, advise on treatment strategies and pass on new techniques and ideas. We constantly learn from each other so our patients get the benefit of our combined knowledge and experience.