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LB Medwaste. Servicing the Midwest Since 1989.

LB Medwaste Services Inc. is a Midwest based company that operates in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Michigan, and Wisconsin. LB specializes in regulated medical waste removal and processing and confidential document destruction. We emphasize efficient, secure removal and continue our tradition of progressive treatment with our state-of-the-art autoclave machine and industrial shredders. We successfully address the range of needs of companies in different sectors, including: healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and financial services.

History of LB Medwaste

LB Medwaste is an exceptional choice for your medical and infectious waste. We not only meet, but also exceed all state and federal law standards. Treatment of medical waste constitutes a method for rendering it noninfectious prior to disposal in a landfill or solid-waste site. Medical waste is designated as all waste materials generated at health care facilities such as: hospitals, clinics, dental practices, physician offices, blood banks, veterinary facilities, as well as medical research facilities and laboratories. It is vital for businesses to decrease the risk of disease transmission with safe and proper disposal methods. LB Medwaste utilizes an incineration method with an autoclave machine that is also environmentally friendly, with a 0.0% pollutant free emission. Our staff will uphold our high standards of efficient, clean and successful removal and reduce any risk at your workplace.

LB Medwaste creates a plan for your company that stresses the "Four S's:" Solutions, Service, Safety and Satisfaction. We also consistently stay ahead of legislation regarding safe handling techniques via our continual staff development on the latest DOT and OSHA requirements.

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