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About Jays Plumbing Service, LLC

Get Complete Plumbing Care With Our Knowledgeable Team
For your complete plumbing needs in Wausau and the surrounding areas, Jay’s Plumbing provides the following services:
1. Bathroom Plumbing:  All bathroom plumbing including bath tub, shower and toilet installations, repairs and unblocking services, hot water solutions, new sink and faucet installations and repairs.
2. Kitchen Plumbing: New sink and faucet installations, garbage disposal, appliance hook up and connections, unblocking sinks and drains and hot water solutions.
3. Drains: Blocked drains, pipe replacement and repair and cleaning service.
4. Water Heaters: Installation, service and repair of most major brands. Guiding you in the perfect hot water solution for your home.
5. Pipe Leaks and Repair: Installation of new pipes, detection and replacement of leaky pipes.