Ice Fishing Cadi

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Keeps an ice fisherman's gear together...and free from tangles!

New on the market, the Ice Fishing Cadi will make your ice fishing adventures simpler and more enjoyable! A carefully designed product, the Cadi provides the ultimate solution for storing and transporting your ice fishing gear. Made in the USA, the ruggedly constructed Cadi is engineered to accompany you into the severest winter conditions. We are confident it will provide years of dependable service, making each and every fishing outing more successful.

Ice fishing is one of the fastest growing winter activities in northern climate regions. If you have not experienced the fun, now is a good time to collect the needed gear and head out on the “hard water” to enjoy time with family and friends! The Cadi will keep your gear “together…and apart”! If you are an ice fisherman, we hope you will find a new friend in the Ice Fishing Cadi as you experience the comfort and convenience afforded with its use.



Durable construction, pine board framing with weatherproof varnish
Six ice fishing pole holders

Three compartments for tip-ups and thermos for hot drinks
Beverage holder for two beverages

Slot to hold ice scoop
Easy carry extendable handle
Compartment for small tackle box