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About Hands On Cleaning
About The Owner:

My name is Pamela Ciszewski and I am the sole owner of Hands-On Cleaning. I have over 20 years experience in janitorial cleaning. Along with my employees we provide a life time of experience. Our motto is "NO Job is too BIG or too small.
My husband/soulmate Tim and I have been married for 22 years and counting. We have two wonderful children, Zach and Cody. And two outstanding young girls I'm proud to call my daughter-in-laws Tiffany and Paige. Thus far we have two grandchildren Jace and Kylen.

About Hands-On-Cleaning

Hands-On Cleaning is a leader in providing the highest quality janitorial services for commercial and residential needs. We are proud to offer competitive pricing on all short and long term janitorial contracts and services.
As a service company we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. We understand the contributions a good employee makes toward our success and we commit ourselves to selecting the best available people. Our employees understand that not only is this my company and reputation its also theirs. We take pride in working as a team and delivering quality work each and every time.
At Hands-On Cleaning our commitment is to  you, our customer. We partner with you and continuously monitor the overall cleanliness of your facility. Providing bi-weekly or monthly walk thru's as needed. We understand that a clean, well-kept office enhances a company's corporate image and provides a  healthy environment for your employees and customers. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations.
Hands-On Cleaning's dedication to detail and our hands-on approach in the training of our employees gives our clients reassurance that every job is executed with quality and care. We go to extreme measures to constantly track the progress and quality of our employee's performance. Commitment to quality is our guarantee to you.
Thank you for visiting our site. Call for a Quote Today! And let Hands-On Cleaning provide you, your employees and clients with a clean work environment.