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Carol Dixon, RE/CLT

Carol began her career as an electrologist in 1978, in Charleston, South Carolina. Carol co-owned the Bissettron Treatment Center, specializing in hair removal and skin care. She co-founded the South Carolina Electrologist’s Association, and was active in the American Electrology Association, and the International Guild of Professional Electrologists. In 1985, Carol and her family relocated to Wausau, Wisconsin. She served as Vice-President of the Wisconsin Electrologists Association for two years and obtained her national certification. She served as an instructor for four years, with the Electrolysis Research Institute School of Electrolysis, located in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Desiring to provide the highest level of service and knowledge to her clientele, Carol expanded into laser hair removal. She is certified in laser hair removal, aesthetic laser procedures, advanced FotoFacial RF®, participates in continuing education, which includes regular attendance of seminars and workshops. She is continuing her education with the Professional Medical Association and NCLE (National Council on Laser Excellence) certifications.

Ralph Dixon Jr. CLO/A

Ralph came to the Electrolysis & Laser Center, with a background in engineering. In addition to training with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices, he has trained with several laser modalities, including the 755 nm Alexandrite, long pulsed 1064 nm Nd:Yag, Q-Switched 1064 nm Nd:Yag, 532 nm KTP, 585 Pulsed Dye, and 650 nm Pulsed Dye lasers. In addition to continued participation in workshops and seminars, NCLE (National Council on Laser Excellence) certifications, and Professional Medical Association training in Medical and Surgical Lasers, Aesthetic Laser Procedures, Advanced FotoFacial RF® , LaserFACIAL™ procedures, and Hair Removal, his primary focus is with Cosmetic/Aesthetic laser procedures, and the elimination of superficial facial and leg veins.