Dream Flight USA

500 First Street, Suite 2300, Wausau, WI, 54403
(715) 845-6392

The shuttle, the Spirit of Education, travels to schools throughout the Midwest from its launch pad in Spencer, Wisconsin. Its mission is to motivate children in the elementary grades to learn.  The curriculum was developed primarily for students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Special arrangements can be made for younger students to tour the shuttle. Older students may benefit from the shuttle experience by performing tasks developed by their classroom teachers in conjunction with the more advanced activities on the shuttle.

The Dream Flight USA Foundation and curriculum were developed by Sharon Ryan, a fifth grade teacher at John Marshall School in the Wausau, WI school district.  Mrs. Ryan, a Presidential Award recipient, developed a similar program in the school district which served students for ten years. 

Marie Traska, a veteran teacher and a real space fan, has logged several Dream Flight USA shuttle missions.

Jack Gostisha, a veteran and recently retired science teacher brings a love of space flight to the Dream Flight USA shuttle program.

Barry Brubaker and Keith Karow are the shuttle pilots.  Both are veteran motor coach drivers, and Barry is a retired teacher.