Dance Magic Talent Competition

114 S 58th Ave, Wausau, WI, 54401
(715) 212-4220

Video cameras are not allowed. Video taping a routine will disqualify a routine. No photography including digital cameras and cell phones. There will be a professional videographer on site and program copies can be ordered.

Dance Magic Awards
"Mr. & Miss Dance Magic" Title

For Junior Division (Ages 11 & under) & Senior Division (Ages 12 & over)
A beautiful Crown & Trophy for Miss DM*
A fresh & hip Top Hat & Trophy for Mr. DM*
This is a special category of compeititon with a separate entry fee.

Standout Dancers

An award will be given to any individual dancer that has consistently impressed the judges throughout the competition.

Outstanding Entertainer Awards

High Score Awards will be awarded for Solo, Duet, Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Productions for all categories ~ Ages 7 through 18 only

Dance Magic All-Around Soloist Award

Awarded to the soloists who have scored the highest total points on a minimum of four solo entries. The four highest scores shall be tallied. Each soloist must indicate on their entry form that they are a Dance Magic All-Around contestant. There will be two divisions for this award: (1) Juniors ~ 11 & under; and (2) Seniors ~ 12 & over
This is a special category of competition with a separate entry fee.

Adjudication of Award

A platinum, high gold, gold and silver placement will be awarded by way of verbal recognition only by the following range of points for each category.

Platinum: 150 – 146.6
High Gold: 146.5 – 144.5
Gold: 144.4 – 140.5
Silver: 140.4 and under

High Point Award System

1st, 2nd and 3rd place High Point Awards will be presented.

Junior High Point Award: ages 8-11
Senior High Point Award: ages 12-18

Cash Awards

The highest score in the Junior Division (ages 8-11) & the highest score in the Senior Division (ages 12-18) will each receive cash awards. Cash Award winnings will be presented to the performer and/or studio.

All dancers MUST perform in the category in which they registered.
No category changes will be allowed at the competition.

Time Accompaniment and Deductions

A good quality CD, Cued & Ready to Start is Required. All CDs should be clearly marked with the studio name, title of song, division and/or category. A back-up CD is highly recommended. All music should be delivered to the sound booth at least 1 hour prior to start of routine.
All routines will be timed & the stopwatch will start when the music starts. Be sure that the routine stops when the actual music stops. If you exit to music, this will be timed and included in your allotted time.
One point per judge will be deducted for the following:
1. CD not cued
2. Exceeding time limits
3. Starting Routine over
4. Wrong Category

Time allowed for each routine is as follows:

Solos, Duets & Trios ~ 3 Minutes
Small Groups & Large Groups ~ 5 Minutes
Production Groups ~ 6 Minutes