Composite Envisions LLC

8450 Development Court, Wausau, WI, 54401
(715) 842-0101

About Composite Envisions

We specialize in the composite industry with our main focus on providing high quality, low cost, and unique composite materials and supplies for the end consumer. We are one of the few places you can purchase composite material by the single yard. We have searched all ends of the globe to provide you with the largest variety of composite materials in North America. Carbon fiber and composites in general are quite expensive to produce, but we have been working with many manufacturers to make many composites products available at a very reasonable cost.

In our online store, we showcase a great portion of our inventory. If there is anything you are looking for that you do not see listed on our online store please contact us, we may have it in stock or are able to get it for you. We have access to many more materials than listed on our site including pre-preg and can custom weave almost any fabric you need. If there are any items that you would like us to stock in the future please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

As new carbon fiber, fiberglass, Texalium or carbon/colored Kevlar fabrics are arriving continuously we will be updating our website. We think that you will be very happy with the wide variety of products available for purchase.