Classic Cleaners

901a East Thomas Street, Wausau, WI, 54401
(715) 845-2531

Hi, my name is Tim Jolliffe and I would like to introduce myself and my cleaning business to you. For the past 25 years, I have been involved in one aspect or another in helping people maintain their clothing. Today's dry cleaner is more than just a person who cleans and presses your suits. He or she is a trained professional with years of experience in proper recognition and identification of all fabrics and fabric blends.

Each garment manufacturer may have different methods of treating its respective clothing, thereby, changing the way it should be handled. Our years of experience help us to identify what cleaning methods can or cannot be used on any particular garment so that your clothing will look and feel the way it was intended by the designer.

Over the years, here in Wausau, Wisconsin, we have continuously expanded our ability to better serve our customers. Through training, equipment and education, no one at Classic Cleaners will give you their second best. We believe that the clothes you wear and how you wear them is the first impression you make, and if we maintain your clothes that impression will be a good one.

In addition to your clothing, we also have an excellent laundry for any and all washable household items:

Table Linens
Sleeping bags
And other truly hard-to-clean items

We are also a local rental source for industrial items at very competitive prices.