Center for the Visual Arts

427 N 4th St, Onthe Square Downtown, Wausau, WI, 54403
(715) 842-4545

At the CVA you'll discover bright new galleries with rotating exhibits
that feature art from the area, the region and beyond.  You'll shop
for artful gifts, each created in the studio of one of over 200
American artists.  And, you'll create with everything from crayons to
clay in art classes and workshops for all ages.  All at the CVA,
Downtown Wausau.

The CVA’s mission to promote the appreciation for the visual arts has never been more focused.  With the expansion of the new gallery space on ArtsBlock, the CVA has seen a record number of people attending “Gallery Gala” receptions as well as touring the gallery during the week.  The CVA continues to see an increase of visitors in the Gallery. 

Exhibitour opened the doors to many new faces by inviting downtown businesses to convert their shops into galleries for one evening, and adopt an artist.  The CVA sits on this committee and plays an active roll in encouraging attendance and promoting artists.  Between 700-1,000 people attend this event twice a year.  The interest and excitement created by this new event encourages people to attend our regular exhibits and receptions as well.

In general, the CVA has between 7-9 exhibits each year.  To cover the costs of marketing and hosting a reception, the CVA solicits sponsors.  The $1250 sponsorship does not entirely cover the costs of an exhibit, but it goes a long way in subsidizing the expenses.