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Do Your Marketing Materials Pass the 3-Second Test?

Imagine prospective customers holding your flyer. In just three seconds they will decide whether to keep on reading or to pitch it with the rest of the day's mail. Is your headline strong enough to stop them in their tracks? Your opening paragraph intriguing enough so they read the rest of your message? That's where Advance Copy comes in.

No One Puts More Thought into Creating Your Copy
We've been providing clients with compelling copy since 1989--from retailers with local clientele to manufacturers with customers nationwide. We've named products. Created slogans. Written fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations. Brochures for political candidates. Catalogs, sell sheets, websites, annual reports, radio and print ads, newsletters--well, you get the idea. Copy that is thought-provoking, whimsical, inspiring, technical, whatever is needed to appeal to your target market. We'd love to work with you too! Give us a call at 715-359-8979. Or email us at [email protected].

What Clients Say
"Your copy has become an essential ingredient to many successful projects for our clients. And your response time is always outstanding!"
     Karla Kieffer, President, Sun Printing

"You deserve a very big thanks from everyone here. Completing all of the marketing materials for our product rollout in three weeks was amazing. The store's program director was very impressed and surprised at what we were able to accomplish. Because of the efforts of everyone involved, we secured the first order within a few days of the launch meeting. Great job!"
     Bob Eckert, Director of Marketing, The Peachtree Companies

"We all appreciate your efforts and RESULTS. If you haven't heard, we have received enough dollars to start the second school (for children in Laos). Again, thanks for a job well-done. We appreciate the progress we have had . . . and you have been a big part of that."
     Bob Weller, President, People to People Project, Inc.