ACHIEVE Center, Inc.

520 N 28th Avenue, Wausau, WI, 54401
(715) 845-4900

Neuropsychological, developmental and learning services for children, adults, and their families


The Achieve Center was established on February 19, 2007 as a non-profit mental health clinic specializing in the treatment of developmental and neuropsychological disorders for children and their families. These services were first identified by local special education and health professionals as an unmet medical need. Prior to the Achieve Center, no pediatric neuropsychologist or pediatric developmental behavioral pediatrician practiced in the greater Wausau area. As a result, parents seeking services for their children were forced to travel to Marshfield, Madison, or Milwaukee.
The Achieve Center began with a small staff of Sally Anderson, Project Director,Carol Wesley, Clinic Director/Therapist, John Thur, Therapist, and Michael Wolff, Neuropsychologist. The demand for services quickly grew and with it the expansion of the office facility and staff. Today, the office physical area has doubled in size and the staff now numbers fifteen. The number of clients seen has quadrupled and the range of services has expanded. The Achieve Center continues to review treatment services required to meet the needs of the children and the families in Central and Northern Wisconsin. Our commitment is to these children and to provide the best care for them we can. Children are the worlds tomorrow and we must care for them today.


The Achieve Center was founded to provide assessment and treatment to children and families impacted by developmental and neuropsychological disorders including autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, problems with dysregulation, neurological impairment due to genetic disorders, and other brain impairments, and co-occurring mental health disorders and physical disabilities. The vision of the Achieve Center is to maximize the potential of children and families to achieve contentment and fulfillment in personal and relationship goals and to provide a resource for accurately assessing and treating the roadblocks to learning that hinder growth and development.