World Wide Packaging of WI, Inc.

8410 Technology Dr, Schofield, WI, 54476
(715) 355-0980

Bags – Plastic, Paper, Polypropylene

Low and High Density

Header Bags

Printed and Unprinted


Perfed on Roll

Poly Tubing


Ice Bags

Ziploc Bags

Grocery Bags

Saddle Pack Bags

Gloves – Medical and General Purpose

Poly Food Gloves

Latex Powder and Powder Free


Vinyl Powder and Powder Free




Food Service Products

Vacuum Pouches
Meat Film                 
Styrofoam Trays
Deli Paper
Plastic Deli Containers

Janitorial Supplies

Can Liners
Toilet Tissue
Liquid Soap
Facial Tissue
Paper Toweling
Ice Melt
Soap, Toweling, Tissue Dispensers

Corrugated Mailers and Boxes

Single Faced Corrugated Rolls

Chip Board

Cohesive Corrugated

Cube Boxes

Corrugated Sheets


Die Cut Boxes

Mailing Tubes

Protective Packaging

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Bags

Polyethylene Foam


Stretch Wrap (Hand and Machine)

Shrink Film

Cohesive Foam & Paper

Corner Boards
Newsprint Rolls and Sheets
Kraft Paper

White EPS (molded and fabricated)

Tissue Paper

Tapes and Adhesives

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Foam Tape

Masking Tape

Paper Gum Tape

Duct Tape

Carton Sealing Tape

Tape Dispensers

Splicing Tape

Label Protection Tape

Filament Tape

Packing List Envelopes

Teflon Tape

Double-Coated Tape

Reinforced Gum Tape


Spray Adhesives