Totally Tea LLC

7371 North Road, Arpin, WI, 54410
(715) 569-4983

Totally Tea Philosophy

With your decision to enjoy a cup of extraordinary tea, not only do we bring you the tastes of the finest teas from the plantations of Kenya, China, India and other countries around the world, but you also help us make a difference. Wherever possible, Totally Tea purchases teas that are produced under the authority of the Organic Foods Production Act and Fair Trade Certified growers. The Organic Foods Production Act certifies that the materials and farming practices used help to restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony. Fair Trade Certification ensures that specific standards for wages, living situations and working conditions are met. It also means that a portion of the sales goes directly back to the tea workers to help meet their community's needs.
In this way, Totally Tea, a family-owned business in Central
Wisconsin, acts as a cultural bridge to increase the trade and industry of third world economies.

For us, Totally Tea is more than a business; it's a mission. First of all, we want to introduce people to the quality, taste and health benefits of the teas we enjoy. Secondly, while we offer teas from many different countries, we use Totally Tea as an outreach for people living in Kenya, East Africa. By providing culturally-based business opportunities, we help the people of Kenya work toward self-sufficiency and financial independence.

We hope you enjoy the Totally Tea experience.
The Clary Family