Sara Investment Real Estate LLC

Na, Na, WI, 54401
(608) 830-2918

At Sara Investment Real Estate, we have successfully cultivated a diverse portfolio of retail, office, industrial and mixed-use properties throughout Wisconsin. Our business is investment real estate; our strength is the commitment to build on-going, successful, one-to-one relationships with tenants, investors and business associates in which all succeed, profit and grow.

Eric M. Schwartz founded Sara Investment Real Estate in 1997, with a vision of how innovation, opportunity and hard work could lead to a client-focused company. Today, with a team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and forward thinking talent, this vision is now a reality. Sara Investment Real Estate is poised to evaluate and respond to the ever-changing real estate market, ready to focus on the critical decisions that must be made for maximizing each clients’ goals.

With a skill for uncovering unique properties, recognizing their potential, and the ability to seize opportunity quickly, we have successfully developed an innovative niche. In today’s complex real estate environment, we understand the alliance between the bricks and mortar, and our partners. We are dedicated to creating real estate solutions.