Charter Media

1519 Metro Dr, Schofield, WI, 54476
(715) 355-8583

Charter Media® is the advertising sales division of Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHTR). We provide local, regional and national businesses with the opportunity to advertise in individual markets on cable television networks.

If you have any questions regarding advertising on cable television, Contact a Charter Media® Management Team Member directly.

East Division:
East Division Vice-President: Mike Kelley (615) 217-6222
Alabama: Chuck Gordon, Vice-President of Ad Sales (205) 298-1600
North and South Carolina: Dwight Ardoin, Vice-President of Ad Sales (864) 679-1745
Tennessee and Louisiana: Audrey Wiseman, Vice-President of Ad Sales (615) 217-6300

Central Division:
Central Division Vice-President: Lawrence Eleftheri (616) 304-6296
Missouri and Illinios: Mike Szczechura, Vice-President of Ad Sales (314) 394-2477
Michigan: Mike Cannon, Director of Sales (608) 826-1545
Minnesota and Wisconsin: Tony Farmer, National Director of Sales & Development (608) 826-1545
California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington: Linda Johnson, Vice-President of Ad Sales (360) 258-5153

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