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Advance Planning

Funerals are often a difficult and overwhelming time of grief for family and friends who are left behind. Many times the funeral arrangements themselves add confusion and stress as family members struggle to make decisions at a time when they don’t feel they can deal with one more thing.

You can ease this burden for your family by funeral preplanning. Together, you can work through the details and give your family peace of mind during a trying time, knowing that they are doing things the way that you wanted them to be done.

Funeral preplanning allows you to lovingly help and comfort your family through one of the most challenging times they will face.

You and your family will know that the funeral will be conducted in a way that is important to you
You and your family will be able to discuss the details. Your loved ones won’t have to wonder if they are doing the right thing
You will reduce your family’s stress and allow them to focus on caring for one another
Your family will realize significant cost savings by paying today’s prices for an event that will happen in the future (Funeral prices have more than doubled in the past ten years.)

At Brainard Funeral Home, we believe that preplanning one’s funeral should be a part of every retirement and financial planning program. At Brainard, we have a certified preplanning counselor on staff to help you with the process. If you have any questions about preplanning, e-mail Jamie at, or call Brainard Funeral Home.

By carefully planning your funeral service according to your wishes and your family’s circumstances, you are assured that your funeral will be a comfort to your family and loved ones.